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ISKRA_redZakład Maszyn
i Łożysk Specjalnych Sp. z o.o.

Replacement of control cabinets and wiring

We manufacture electrical, control, intermediate and collective cabinets as well as operator panels. We do it based on the documentation we have prepared, as well as the entrusted documentation. For production, we use catalogue cabinets (modular, free-standing), as well as cabinets designed and made to order, adapted to the shape of the machine or specific requirements. The order may concern the prefabrication of the cabinet itself, as well as the installation of the cabinet on or near the machine, together with the wiring of the machine.

In the absence of electrical diagrams, we offer the service of designing electrical diagrams based on the existing electrical system of the machine.

We work on electrical documentation prepared both in Polish and in foreign languages.

It is also possible for our company to replace the wiring itself (e.g. in the event of damage during operation or during the relocation of the machine).