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ISKRA_redZakład Maszyn
i Łożysk Specjalnych Sp. z o.o.

Automation of production processes

We carry out all works related to the automation of production processes aimed at accelerating production, reducing the number of errors made by the operator, eliminating the operator or reducing the number of operators serving a given line.

We do it by replacing manual assembly operations with automatic ones while maintaining safety conditions (fixed and movable guards, curtains and safety strips), ensuring automatic delivery of components to the station (all types of feeders and manipulators), ensuring automatic collection of components (manipulators, chute or robot), automatic rejection of incorrectly made components to the lack separators, automatic transfer of components between stations (belt feeders, rotary tables, manipulators and robots), in the case of semi-automatic stations - control of the operator's work sequence (various error proofing systems, tests and pic-to- light)

We modernize existing machines as well as build new devices aimed at automating production.