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Polish Manufacturer of Special Use Bearings

Polish Manufacturer of Special Use Bearings
Published: April 2020

Why is it worth investing in the production of (special)use bearings in Poland?

Undoubtedly, until now bearing production has been a difficult undertaking. There are many reasons, including high production costs, high competition on global markets, but the most important problem that Polish entrepreneurs struggled with was competition - producers from the Asian region, whose offer was usually several times cheaper. The quality of these products was lower, but some of them, intended for the European market, has gradually improved recently, thanks to which the target audience has grown.

Is change coming?

The old trend, i.e. the liquidation of smaller production and distribution companies, which were based on established contacts, weakened. However, he may return to favor and change the perception of local production. Time will show how the competitive advantage on global markets will change, especially in such a difficult situation in which manufacturing companies are now.

Bearing production can become our advantage on the local market and beyond.

Our company deals not only with the production of special bearings. We also manufacture and automate machines, manufacture of their components and servicing. We work with industries such as the automotive, bearing industry, mining, agriculture, food industry and many others. We have an extensive machine park, which we are constantly expanding with modern metalworking machines using the latest technologies.

We offer specialized products that can only be obtained from world leaders in the bearing industry. It has been and is very difficult for us to compete directly with such serious producers, but we have managed to stay on the market - we have been on the mime for over 30 years. We can boast of a large base of our clients, with whom we have cooperated for many years in Poland and abroad. Our advantage is flexibility, individual approach to the customer, serial and unit production of products that are difficult to access on the domestic and foreign market. Another important factor thanks to which customers decide to cooperate with us is the possibility of short series and quick adaptation of production to a new product, which means fast delivery. In competition, the delivery time of atypical bearing products less popular on the market, takes from several months sometimes up to one year. All of our products are entirely manufactured in Poland, in our factory in Kielce.

We are constantly developing and learning, thanks to which our products are improved. Examples include rolls covered with special wear-resistant coatings, e.g. DLC (diamond-like carbon) for wire routing, rollers for powder coating plants or rollers resistant to high temperatures (above 350 C). We manufacture stainless steel bearings resistant to aggressive environments on special orders. Our engineering staff with many years of experience and a professional approach helps, advises and solves problems. In the past, our company was a Research and Development Center in the field of bearings, thanks to which we have extensive experience in this field, which we use in our daily work.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to contact us. Tel: +48 41 367 03 22

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