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International Trade Fair Of Innovative Industrial Solutions
Published: November 2019

We were the guests of this year's Warsaw Industry Week. The event has been taking place since 2016, and from year to year has been attracting more and more exhibitors and visitors.

This year exhibitors' stands were occupied by two halls. There were companies dealing with broadly understood automation and robotics as well as manufacturers of machine tools, CNC machines, varnishes and lubricants, manufacturers of 3D printers and many others presented their products. There were also many conferences and presentations during the fair, but we did not have enough time to attend them.

What caught my attention in the field of automation and its technical innovations?

First, the direction in which the solutions used in vision systems are moving - the use of neural networks, i.e. a large increase in system capabilities through software development using standard equipment. Secondly, more and more interesting cable routing systems in mobile systems (grippers, robot arms) are now available. Also, the development of linear motors which have lead to a significant decrease in manufacturing costs. The introduction of ever more interesting and modern visual elements of machines - lighting towers having a programmed lighting cycle of each color, sensors and download indicators with displays, handles unified for the entire machine - the possibility of choosing their colors, which gives the impression of consistency, and many other interesting solutions.

A very important element for the customer now is the ability to track and save the path that each element travels on the production lines (traceability). At the fair, you could find components that can be used for this purpose. This ranged from data collection - scanners, vision sensors, measurement sensors, through data management systems (Plc controllers, data placement modules) and data storage and presentation to the client (IPC computers, database systems, SCADA systems). There were also the latest advances in the field of machine safety.

What about automation manufacturers?

Well, in my opinion, there were a lot of them, but many leading companies were missing. Maybe this is due to the still low popularity of these fairs, or possibly because of the industry’s large group of clients.

In my opinion, the fair has a large, though probably not fully used potential. There was a lot to see although there were no "fireworks" - robots throwing balls and the momentum with which other events of this type are organized, such as the Hannover Fair ...

In conclusion, we were able to meet many people from different companies in one place and at the same time - talk and learn about some interesting solutions and concepts that are not always obvious from behind the top of a company desk;)

 Author: Daniel Szeląg 

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