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Special use bearings for agricultural machinery

Special use bearings for agricultural machinery
Published: June 2021

The agricultural industry is one of the many industries for which bearings and bearing elements are an indispensable element of functioning…

As a Polish manufacturer of bearings for special applications, we know that non-standard bearings, developed in accordance with the customer's needs, are increasingly in demand.

That is why we try to support our customers not only with our standard products, but also find solutions and products that will make agricultural machines and devices more efficient, more reliable, and easier to maintain. Together with our clients, we create new bearing products and improve the design of currently available bearings, working for mutual success.

Our offer includes, among others OŁT unidirectional roller couplings that are used to transmit the torque in one direction, while allowing free relative movement in the other direction. However, these couplings are not adapted to transfer any axial (longitudinal) forces, both in operation and during assembly.

unidirectional roller couplings

The operation of unidirectional rolling clutches is based on wedging the rollers between the outer ring and the appropriately shaped (so-called star) inner ring. The working surfaces of both these rings form a self-locking angle. The rollers are individually pressed against the raceways of the rings by means of springs and pushers, which allows for immediate activation, and the "dead angle" resulting only from elastic deformation of the clutch elements is practically close to zero.

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