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Reverse engineering & bearings production

Reverse engineering & bearings production
Published: March 2021


The Special Bearings Department produces special-purpose bearings that are available for sale. We manufacture these bearings based on construction documentation prepared by our designers and engineers. The bearings produced by us are compliant in terms of typical dimensions and accuracy with global manufacturing standard.

When reverse engineering can help

We often get questions from our customers about the production of bearings based on the pattern of an old/ worn-out bearing that is no longer available on the market or has no access to design documentation. In this case, the customer provides us with the bearing sample, and we reverse engineer it. This process consists of a detailed analysis of the sample bearing, and a construction document is created. Based on this analysis, we design and manufacture a product in the same or improved form and quality as the original sample bearing.

Implementation on the example of an angular contact bearing

Our latest product, designed according to reverse engineering technology, is a double row angular contact bearing with two outer rings.

łożysko skośne w poziomie 2łożysko skośne w poziomie

Angular contact bearings are precise, high-speed bearings that carry thrust loads. The work consisted of disassembling the bearing, taking measurements, creating a 3D model, developing construction documentation, and making detailed adjustments. The production of detailed adjustments is made by using the latest technology and skilled craftsmen. The grinder has to make the bearing races with a minimum size spread on all four races and other very tight parameters to achieve the P4 accuracy class. As a result, both bearing races were evenly loaded and the rotation of the bearing's outer rings was the same. The correct operation of the bearing and its durability depended on our ability to make high-quality products.

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