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Production & repair of machine parts

Production & repair of machine parts
Published: June 2020

A few words about the machining process.

We have been providing machining services for over 40 years. We have a very well developed machining department equipped with many unique machines, both conventional and numerically controlled. These include CNC lathes and milling machines (3- and 5- axis), jig grinding machines, surface grinding machines, holes grinding machines and universal grinding machines, as well as a gate grinder and an EDM machine.

We work on demanding and custom projects.

Our machining department is also equipped with specialized grinders that allow us to perform complex projects such as grinding of wear-resistant coatings on remanufactured parts.

We carry out repairs of grinding headstock - regeneration and production of new parts (e.g. spindles, bearings, etc.), which is why we have specialized in the regeneration of headstock based on both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic slide bearings.

We regenerate spindles and bushings or manufacture new ones - depending on the assessment carried out by the mechanical engineer. We use abrasion-resistant materials to cover the bearing journals, sprayed on the base material of the spindle, which is then subjected to a grinding process to obtain high parameters of the spindle.

Thanks to such modern solutions, the bearing nodes of the grinding headstocks designed by us are characterized by better features in the spindle start-up stage, which greatly influences the extension of the headstock durability.

Also, we regenerate and make new lathe supports for companies cooperating with us. We have the ability to precisely coordinate grinding on jig grinders and to make parts using a modern laser cutter with the service of bending and welding.

Our experience and machinery park allow us to obtain high-quality parameters of the parts made - especially important when making machines and parts for, among others bearing, tire, chemical, food and automotive industries.

We are therefore focused on making one part or short-run production.

In addition to machining, we also offer comprehensive services of hardening, phosphatizing, oxidation, chromium plating and nitriding.

The offer we present to you is comprehensive - from design, through the implementation of machine parts to their assembly.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to contact us. Tel: +48 41 367 03 21


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