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One way rolling clutches

One-way rolling clutches are designated to torque transmissions in one direction with ability the relative motion in inverse direction.

Their operation consist in the wedging of the rollers between the inner and outer rings. The working surfaces of these rings are generating the self-locking angle. The rollers ale clamping individually to raceway of rings by spring and push rods, that enables the clutch to immediate action and the "dead angle" subsequent to elastic strains of clutch elements only in practically near-by the "0".

In order to ensure the suitable working conditions the clutches must be fixed by cross ball bearings.
One-way rolling clutches are not fitted for transition the axial force both in exploitation and assembling.
These clutches are fitted to working with frequency 60 cycles/min.

The clutches life is defined by quantity of the work cycles, average - 107 cycles, and is depends on service conditions, character of work (e.g. percussive character of loading) and long time of idle running.

Lubrication. In condition the long time of idle running at peripheral speed does not exceeding 6 m/s, the clutches should be lubricated with the low viscosity oils (8,33 cSt to 59,34 cSt temperature 40oC). Under low rotation speeds it can be the plastic grease used with filling 30% of free space of the clutches.

The one-way rolling clutches do not required the maintenance service, beyond the lubrication.

The working temperature of clutches should not exceed 120°C.

The fit conditions: housing H7, shaft h6.



In motor vehicles, agriculture machines, mechanisms and units e.g. packing machine for cigarettes.

Delivery state:
No lubrication.
Protect by preservation oil, packed with antirust paper with corrosion inhibitors.

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